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Arirang Hill Fest

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 Arirang hill address 

109 bukdong-ri, JeongSeon-gun, South Korea​ 

​대한민국 정선군 화암면 북동리 109 아리랑힐 




Downhill Racing

Arirang Hill Fest

Arirang Hill

In the mountains of Jeongseon - the fabled home of Korea’s Arirang - is a race track like no other. The upper section will plummet you through 9 steep, relentless and tight curves. You will find the lower straights are deceptively fast and technical.

With 4 rider heats - if you manage to hold off the pack through all 9 curves - success is not guaranteed. Your competitors will be hot on your heels as you charge the last left - off cambre and the fastest part of the track - touching speeds of 100km/h.

Fortune may favour the bold but Arirang Hill will punish

the reckless and under prepared.

Hwa-am Cave

Hwaamdonggul Cave is only a short walk from the campsite. It was originally a gold mine that was commercially operated from 1922 to 1945. It was Korea’s fifth largest goldmine. The cave has natural stalactites, and was recently developed into tourist attraction.

With over 2800㎡ of open space and 1.8km of walking paths you should allow for 90 minutes for a visit to  the cave. With 5  sections and 41 viewing zones visitors can marvel at the stalactite formations and learn about subterranean ecology.

The cave entrance can be accessed on foot or via the mono-rail.


Landscaped with strong influences from the local environment and the region's history. The park features camping facilities, art capturing historical activities, an open air theatre and a waterway fed by a natural spring.

The park is the location of the event's campsite. The campsite is free for athletes, their support crew and event staff.

It was also the location the 2017 Arirang Hill Fest concert but in 2018 we are moving!

For more information visit the Windsky park campgrounds website (Korean only).