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​대한민국 정선군 화암면 북동리 109 아리랑힐 

Ariranghill Official Photo/Video Team Application page

All of the Ariranghill photos, videos data collect we want.

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Official Photo team

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[2018 Ariranghill Official Photo / Video Graffer]

Hello, this is Arirang-Hill steering committee.

World downhill Championships and Korean music festival together
Gather the official photo and video grappers for the 2018 Arirang-hill.


Cinematography will be used for various purposes during and after the competition. 
I want to capture every moment from the beginning to the end of the competition.

The official shooting teams are required to shoot the images from the steering committee. 
Other than that, you can capture and capture the images you want to capture.

I want to give you a good look
Enthusiastic photosvideo graper is ready to apply now.

Date taken : May 3, 08:00 ~ May 7, 05:00

Filming : The Match Part / Field Schatch Festival 

Recruitment Period : March 31 to 23:59

What to do : Take all of Arirang-Hill's pictures

Requesting materials : Planning proposal, portfolio, and

cover letter for using the filming and filming version