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Arirang Hill Fest

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Tel : 02) 338-8264

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 Arirang hill address 

109 bukdong-ri, JeongSeon-gun, South Korea​ 

​대한민국 정선군 화암면 북동리 109 아리랑힐 


Arirang Hill - race track

In the mountains of Jeongseon - the fabled home of Korea’s Arirang - is a race track like no other. The upper section will plummet you through 9 steep, relentless and tight curves. You will find the lower straights are deceptively fast and technical.

With 4 rider heats - if you manage to hold off the pack through all 9 curves - success is not guaranteed. Your competitors will be hot on your heels as you charge the last left - off cambre and the fastest part of the track - touching speeds of 100km/h.

Fortune may favour the bold but Arirang Hill will punish the reckless and under prepared.