International Downhill Federation South Korea

Arirang Hill Fest

Contact :

Tel : 02) 338-8264

Fax : 02) 338-8265

 Arirang hill address 

109 bukdong-ri, JeongSeon-gun, South Korea​ 

​대한민국 정선군 화암면 북동리 109 아리랑힐 



Hotels and guest houses

This accommodation booking form is for athletes and their support crew only. We are providing access to several accommodation options ranging from Korean style guest houses to western style hotel rooms.

Please Note

  • Only reservations are made through this page.

  • Payment is made at the hotel or guest house.

  • Once a reservation has been made additional information will be emailed to you.

  • Booking is done on a first in first served basis. 

  • Booking for the campsite is not required.

※Special Open Accommodation During Race


AeaRa Choi's House, Phone : 010-9996-1308

Room : 1 Room   Maximum people : 15         Fee : 200,000 Won (Only Cash Direct)

GyongJa Jang's House, Phone : 010-6388-2124

Room : 2 Room   Maximum people : Room per 4    Fee : 80,000 Won (Only Cash Direct)

​※ This preparatory committee will only provide information and please contact the person in charge of accommodation for information. (No revervation)


  •  Details:

    • Address:

      • Hwaam-gil 12-8, Hwaam-dong, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

      • 강원도 정선군 화암면 화암동굴길 12-8

    • No booking is required for the campsite.

    • The campsite is free for athletes and their support crew. 

    • Athletes and staff camping will be separated from festival goers.

  • Pitching your tent

    • Please only pitch your tent in the designated area.

    • Camp stoves are allowed but open fires are not permitted.

    • The campsite is near the performance area of the Arirang Hill festival and you maybe subject to high noise levels during festival hours.

  • Smoking

    • The campsite is a non-smoking area.

    • Smokers should use the designated smoking areas.

    • Please fully extinguish cigarettes before disposal in the provide bins.

  • Parking

    • If you have a vehicle please only park in designated areas - illegally parked vehicles will be towed.

  • Security

    • Campsite users are responsible for their personal items. 

    • The organiser is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen property.

  • Facilities

    • The campsite does have bathroom, shower and drinking fountain.

    • Additional information on campsite can be found here (Korean only)